Terms and Conditions

Visa :

  1. BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd has no role in the decision making process for granting the visa and no promises have been made by any of the staff of BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd. for the same.
  2. The Embassy/ High Commission/ Emigration Consulate General reserves the right to ask for further Documentation.
  3. Issuing of visa depends on the sole discretion of the visa officer and BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd shall only act as a representative on behalf of Customer. Visa officer may or may not approve the application. Customer shall not at any point of time have the right to claim on BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd for such rejection or delayed in approval of application by the visa officer.
  4. BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its respective obligations, if that is caused by force majeure, viz., fog, earthquake, floods, fire, riots, strike, acts of terrorism or circumstances beyond control of BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd.
  5. BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd is not liable for any delay in processing or the decision once the visa application is submitted. And in case of a delay I agree to reschedule my travel accordingly.
  6. Visa application fees is non Refundable and is payable even if a visa is not granted.
  7. As per the guideline of Embassy/ High Commission/ Emigration Consulate,an applicant cannot overstay. In case of overstay, he/she shall be responsible for all the legalobligations and consequences occurs on time to time (Including overstaypenalty).

Air Ticketing :

  1. Please check whether your passport is valid as per your travel date
  2. Flight Schedule may be changed as per Airlines Policy.
  3. The above fares are as of now and are based on slab of 01 full paying Adult travelling together so if the number changes, the costing shall vary.
  4. We are not holding any confirmations for the same as of now.
  5. The fares are subject to change depending on the class availability or subject to change depending upon the tax increment while issuing the ticket or the day we issue your ticket.
  6. In order to go ahead with the Air tickets the passport has to be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of return.
  7. For ticket blocking we shall require first and last pages of the passport & as well as you obtain a valid visa copy, after verification of the same we will be able to provide you the blocked PNR details with the PNR time limit.
  8. Once the ticket is issued any later amendments, Changes, Cancellations etc. shall be chargeable as per Airlines policy.
  9. Pls advice your meal, seat & frequent flyer no so that we can update in the PNR.
  10. For any changes, amendments, cancellations & no show, you need to let us know 48 hours prior to flight scheduled departure