11 Most Visited Countries by Indians

Thumb most visited countries by indians

International tourism has taken a serious boost in India with the recent advent of visa on arrival services and really affordable packages. Also, with the higher pay grade in India, more number of people in India have started visiting the International Destinations more often.

Let us take a look at the top destinations Indians like to travel -

1) Singapore - Singapore has easily become one of the most visited countries by Indians in the recent years. With its charming architecture, friendly people and delicious food, it is easily among the most favorite tourist destinations for Indians. 

2) UAEEasily among the top international destinations where Indians travel, UAE is certainly among the best. It offers the rich history, tall skyscrapers along with the number of activities that you can do here which makes the whole trip a fun package. 

3) UK – UK has been on the list of Indians since long now. May it is for the purpose of education or the leisure and business travel, Indians love to visit this country often with the rich history and extraordinary architecture. Also, the nightlife in the UK is something which a must experience.

4) USA – The US is easily among the top destinations Indians like to travel at. In fact, USA is among the countries receiving the highest number of Indian visa applications every year. Also, the eastern, as well as the western coast, receives many numbers of Indian tourists to see the attractive places in the States. 

5) Thailand – Thailand has attracted many Indian tourists since a long time now. Every year, many Indians visit this small country full of natural beauty, islands, delicious foods and endless shopping markets to take a break from their routine. Also, Thailand is among the top 5 most visited countries by Indians every year. 

6) Australia – New Zealand – It is the new entry in the club of top destinations visited by Indians. Apart from the posh city life and cafes in Australia, it offers spectacular adventures and much more on the country side. Also, the islands here are quite enchanting which attracts many numbers of Indian tourists every year. 

7) Hong-Kong and Macau – Hong Kong is famous among the Indian tourists mainly for the Disney land. It is a year around family attraction which brings down many Indian tourists ever year. Also, the bustling city of Hong-Kong along with the casinos of Macau is another major reasons for Indians to travel to Hong-Kong. 

8) Bali – Bali is like the paradise on earth. With its beautiful natural landscape and cafes that are set alongside the beaches, Bali offers many unique attractions. Also, it attracts Indian tourists more due to a number of Indian temples located here in the vicinity of nature. Indian tourist visits this country to see the temples and rich history along with the natural beauty and the delicious food.

9) Malaysia Being at a close proximity from India, Malaysia is among the top destinations visited by Indians every year. With the multiculturalism, beaches, Hindu legacy and oil wealth, Indians have always been visiting the country since long. 

10) Mauritius – With its pristine white sand beaches and exotic cafes and resorts, Mauritius is one of the visa free countries for Indians. May it be a honeymoon trip or a leisure trip, Mauritius has it all to make your vacation a perfect one. 

11) Hungary – Among the countries where the Indian rupee is stronger, Hungary offers spectacular natural beauty along with the rich history and culture which attracts many Indian tourists lately.

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