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  • So whether you’re planning a visit Bahrain for holiday, or be it business trip. The process is very convenient and easy, Bahrain is Island nation where you can spend your week on the coast of the beautiful Persian Gulf. Besides that Bahrain is the country of opportunities and considered to be the safest among other Gulf countries.

    How to get bahrain tourist visa

  • Bahrain is rich with its natural resources for example, the country is famous for oil resources. In spite of having one of the most expensive currency in the world, Bahrain is reducing the dependency on oil by investing heavily in tourism. So travel to Bahrain for holidays, walk around the winding alleys of Muharraq for some truly authentic Gulf charm, unlike the spruced up tourist versions you find elsewhere.

    Tourist places in bahrain

  • Did you know? you may require “Ok to Board”. If you are flying from the South Asia Subcontinent. Oh, but first, do you know all about OK to Board? Indian nationals read here to know more. If you are traveling to UAE (Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi), then you might need more than just a visa. It is the “OK to Board” Approval from the airline. If Indian citizens are not having the OK to Board approval then airlines are liable to deny you boarding on a flight.

    Ok to board for indians

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