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  • Students who want to study in Italy will have to obtain the student visa for Italy. Learn How to obtain Italy Student Visa. A detailed student Italy-student-visa-checklist.

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    By yogesh adhau| 2 Aug, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • D'Attestation D'accueil is an Accommodation Certificate/Hospitality Certificate provided by the France govt for the benefits of the foreign visitor.

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    By yogesh adhau| 23 Jun, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • France is one of the European countries with the highest demand for studies. Therefore the number of students who want to go to this country not only has to prepare hard but also they need to get a visa that allows them to study. Below, we explain some necessary requirements for applying for a student visa in France. La France! The most favorite study destination for most students. Depending on your purpose, whether for a visit, to pursue higher education or to work, there are different types of visas, namely Schengen student visa, long-stay visa. Let's assume you are preparing to study abroad in France for more than 90 days, you will need a student visa. While the process is long and a little overwhelming.

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    By yogesh adhau| 16 Jun, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • The rotary international youth exchange program brings the ideal of world citizenship to life. Each year, this program gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain a new understanding of the world through travel abroad.

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    By yogesh adhau| 13 Jun, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • Let’s take you on the ultimate journey of this beautiful nation from hulking mountain to craggy coast good looks. This will not be your ordinary travel to Canada guide with all the overrated destination. We will take you to the off-beaten path of Canada along with adventurous road trips. Canada is a wonderland, glory of nature and destination for a lifetime, and with a good reason. The country is becoming a spotlight for travellers around a globe, especially for Indian citizens.

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    By yogesh adhau| 17 Apr, 2018. Posted In Travel Tips.

  • What makes an Embassy or Consulate refuse to provide you with a Schengen visa? This question immediately appears to many people when they are about to apply for such a visa.

    Large schengen visa rejections reasons

  • This is the step-wise guide for Indian Citizens who want to submit their Canada visa application in-person.Step-1: First read complete information on Canadian visa requirements on the IRCC website. After carefully reading all the information, download the appropriate application forms and checklist relevant to the purpose of your visit.

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    By yogesh adhau| 11 Apr, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • Bahrain is rich with its natural resources for example, the country is famous for oil resources. In spite of having one of the most expensive currency in the world, Bahrain is reducing the dependency on oil by investing heavily in tourism. So travel to Bahrain for holidays, walk around the winding alleys of Muharraq for some truly authentic Gulf charm, unlike the spruced up tourist versions you find elsewhere.

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    By yogesh adhau| 9 Mar, 2018. Posted In Travel Tips.

  • So whether you’re planning a visit Bahrain for holiday, or be it business trip. The process is very convenient and easy, Bahrain is Island nation where you can spend your week on the coast of the beautiful Persian Gulf. Besides that Bahrain is the country of opportunities and considered to be the safest among other Gulf countries.

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    By yogesh adhau| 9 Mar, 2018. Posted In visa.

  • Did you know? you may require “Ok to Board”. If you are flying from the South Asia Subcontinent. Oh, but first, do you know all about OK to Board? Indian nationals read here to know more. If you are traveling to UAE (Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi), then you might need more than just a visa. It is the “OK to Board” Approval from the airline. If Indian citizens are not having the OK to Board approval then airlines are liable to deny you boarding on a flight.

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