How To Apply For Australia Online Visa: A Guide For Indians

Thumb how to apply for australia online visa a guide for indians

Australia has been popular destination for Indians on every occasion be it tourism, leisure or visiting relatives. Thus, every Indian have Australia on their radar. After all, In the present scenario Australia is the only country in the world to govern an entire continent! Ultimately these brings Australia into a bright limelight amidst the tourist and travelers. 

Especially since Australia introduce online procedure for visa. Thankfully, Australian Evisa process isn’t that difficult. We found it less of hassle and troublesome than getting a tourist visa for the US, The Schengen States or even Japan! 

Well, here’s a way to apply Australia Online Visa for Indian citizens

Know Your Visa Type

Depending on your needs, you have to select your visa type, at the same time make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the visa sub-classes you are applying for. For example, Tourist visa (subclass 600). If you’re planning to visit Australia for a short period of time, then this visa is appropriate for you. It has two streams tourist and business. 
To Know more about your visa type click here

Process for Applying Australia Online Visa 

If you are outside Australia and you hold a passport from India or any country eligible for Australia e-visa, then you can directly apply for Australia electronic visa (e-visa). Applying online electronic visa is less of  hassle but little tricky.
Australia Online Visa Application Form 

The online application form is similar to form 1419 (Application for Visitor visa Tourist stream), needless print it out for personal submission.  As you will be filling the form online,  you will be asked basic questions about your identity, travel history, employment status, financial capacity, purpose of visit, health and character so be ready with that information as the form is tricky and complex. The form is a bit time taking and complex, either you can complete the form in one go or you can complete it later Just remember to hit the “Save” and not the “Submit” button!

Documents Required for Australia Visa Form 

Once you’re finished with your application form, you have to provide supporting documents for your e-visa case. In order to proceed you need to upload your travel documents as well as evidence of personal assets like birth certificate, work experience, financial capability and travel history.

Australia eVisa Application Fee

Generally the tourist visa fee ranges from 5000 INR to 9000 INR . It changes constantly, so don’t expect to pay the same amount. Also, If you pay via credit card, there is a surcharge. The surcharge varies from bank to bank depending on the payment system of your card and applies to all online payments via debit cards.

Submit The Application Form   

After completing the online process by submitting application form, attaching all the required documents and paying the e-visa fees. After submitting your application you should get an automated email notification or acknowledging receipt of your application. This is when the wait comes into the picture! You will not receive an update regarding the progress of your application, so the next email you receive from the department will be about your visa that is granted or not. After getting a “Visa Grant Notice”, take note of the validity (3 months? 6 months? 1 year?), travel facility (Single entry? Multiple entry?), visa conditions (No work? No study?) and entry requirements before travelling to Australia.

Its not just Australia! Where you can apply E-visa ?

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