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Education from New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Netherlands, Australia is a dream of some students and desire of studying abroad is no longer a far-off dream. A student visa allows you to stay in a particular country to study full-time in a recognized education institution.​ But much before your actual travel, you need to start preparing for your visa documentation. There are lots of steps need to be followed, ideally from seeking aspiring course and college, to get a visa stamp on your passport. Students generally prefer  Here are following essential point’s one needs to keep in mind while applying for Student visas.

1. Passport
Your passport must contain validity period for 10 years and should be valid for 1 year before applying for a visa. It must also contain at least 2 blank pages to get visa and immigration stamps.

2. Admission
Once your admission for the appropriate course is accepted then you need to get admission letter or course acceptance letter from the respective university. It should contain the full name, address, contact and registration details of the university. Applicant full name, passport details and nationality, course details, fee structures, scholarship and accommodation etc. Some embassies need pre-approval of your admission from the ministry of external affairs or immigration department of your college or university which must be registered under the governance of that country.
Eg. USA needs I 20 petition to get student visas.
       Netherlands need MVV registration from immigration Authority.

3. Enrolment
Some countries need enrolment process before submission of visa documents. Like France demand to have campus registration. There are few campus centres available in India for registration.

4. Academic Qualification
Some universities need your degree certificates, mark sheet or transcript suitable for your admission to the respective course.

5. Translation and Attestation
Some of your documents like education certificates, police clearance certificates need to get attested from Ministry of external affairs in India OR respective embassies. Some countries need a translation of your documents in English, Spanish, Chinese etc. There are many certified companies who provide these services.

6. Finance and Sponsorship
This is a most valuable thing. You need to convince the visa officer about your income or your sponsor’s income, expenses and funds arrangements. It should cover your tuition fee, accommodation, air ticket, insurance and other living expenses. Some private or Government organization offers various scholarships as well. Sponsorship from parents, relatives or any organization can be accepted. Banks also provide you educational loans. You can show your financial wealth in terms of bank savings, deposits, cash investments, property valuation, scholarship, approved educational loan etc. However, few countries also provide you part-time work facility to cover your local expenses.

7. Language Proficiency
This is most important action student need to follow while applying for student visas. Applicants should be able to speak, write, read and listen certain languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, German or Russian. It depends on country’s requirements. 
Exams like IELTS ( TOEFl ( has to be passed with solid marks.

8. Character
Being Good Character? Yes, consular can ask you to provide police clearance certificates. It is issued from nearest passport office and it should be apostille by Ministry of foreign affairs of India.

9. Minors
Age below 16 or 18 needs to submit consent letter from parents along with their government id proof. Parents should have to mention who is going to take care of their child on behalf of them.

10. Submission Centres
After the preparation of files, you should confirm that where you want to submit your visa application. Some consulate or embassy accepts student visa application. Some has accepted through authorized submission centres. You need to confirm the location & timing of specific centres. These centres will not entertain you without prior appointments. You need to schedule your appointment online or by contacting these centres directly. Appointments are not available during the high peak time. Thus, you can start your preparation of visa application by scheduling an appointment well in advance.

11. Interview
Student visa application needs a personal interview of each applicant with consular. Applicant needs to prepare for an interview with accurate documentation. They will ask you about your course, future planning, sponsorship etc. there are few blogs on the internet who provides preparation inputs for student visa interview.

12. Documentation
Each country has different documentation for student visas. It can be available on their official website. Carry one set of original and one set of photocopies of your documentation as per their checklist. Visa application forms need to be filled properly before submission. Forms can be made available online or offline. There should be some specifications of your photos as well. Some country needs prior accommodation, transportation and insurance coverage proof. Incomplete or false documents will result in rejection or delay of visa application.

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