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Malaysia Malaysia Visa Online - eVisa & eNTRI

Planning your trip to Malaysia? Apply easily for your eVisa & eNTRI visa for Malaysia. We are most trusted visa consultancy in India offering complete visa assistance. Apply here for Malaysia tourist e visa online, we make your visa application process simple and fast. Apply for an online electronic visa from anywhere in India. We ensure an exclusive & personalized service to all our clients with minimum visa fee. Follow these steps for online visa application:

1) Submit your basic information
2) Select country & visa type
3) Upload required documents
4) Make an online payment

After submitting the application form, you can also track your visa application online. Call our experts for any queries 020 4902 7000.

Required Documents for Malaysia E-visa

  • Color Copy Of First And Last Page Of Passport
  • Photo
  • Air Ticket
  • Hotel Voucher Or Invitation Letter
  • Birth Certificate

Visa Types and the Related Packages

Malaysia Tourist Visa Online

Available Packages for Tourist Type

Processing Time



3 months Single entry 30 days stay

Processing Time



3 months Single entry 14 days stay

What our customers say?


Yes. Each traveller must have a seperate e-Visa.

No. We cannot refund payments for unused e-Visas.

If you already possess a valid Residence Visa or Multiple Entry Visa, a fresh ETA application cannot be lodged until that visa expires or is cancelled.

Yes, you will have to go through the whole visa application process every time you want to apply for a visa.

All documentation should be presented in English .

Understanding the difference between the visa validity period and duration of stay is important. Validity period of a visa is generally longer than its duration. The validity establishes the first and last dates during which the visa can be used. The visa expires on the last day of its validity. Duration of stay indicates the length of time you have permission to remain in country within the validity period of the visa.

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Fees Processing Days Visa Details (validity duration entry)
10000 15 Pitt
10000 15 Pitt


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