Visa News and Updates

16 Nov 2017 Updates

Thailand consulate closed on 16th Nov 2017 and 17th Nov 2017

Thailand consulate will remain closed on 16 Nov 2017 and 17 Nov 2017. This is due to technical error with the printing machine at the Consulate.
No visas shall be issued until further notice.

Applicants with urgent travel date are suggested to opt for visa on arrival .

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16 Nov 2017 Updates

Australia visa server maintenance-17 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017

Australia immigration website will be under maintenance  from 17th November 2017 3:30 AM until 18th November 2017 3:30 AM (IST).

During this time online application process will get impacted.

15 Nov 2017 News

Appointment mandatory for Australia Visa Submission

Indian nationals will have to schedule an appointment with nearest VFS centre for Australia visa application submission. This rule will be enforced from 13th Nov 2017.

This sudden change of rule might affect the process of visa submissions.

3 Nov 2017 Updates

Singapore visa application website maintenance - 05th Nov 2017

Singapore visa site undergoing maintenance on 05 Nov from 0000 hrs to 0800 hrs (singapore time).
Applicants are requested to be informed that no applications will be lodged or processed during this time. Applications which are already applied will also get delayed due to this.
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2 Nov 2017 Updates

Server down from 01 Nov to 13 Nov 2017 - Belgium Consulate

Belgium consulate server down from 01 Nov to 13 Nov 2017. Visa processing days will get affected hence applicants are requested to plan accordingly. Submissions will be done as per regular process only.