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16 Jan 2018 News

Indian Expats Warned of ‘Dubai Immigration Scam’.

An official of Indian Consulate warned Indian immigrants right after Gulf news alerted the mission about various cases where several Indians have been duped in the new phone scam.

Indian expats have been duped of thousands of dirhams in the scam, where scammers call them from the number of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.
A news investigation found that the scamesters have been faking the landline number of GDRFA call centre number i.e 043139999 or another toll-free number 8005111 that appears on the victims’ phones as +971800511.

Modus operandi behind this scam is to extort money from the immigrants,stating that they have either not filed the landing form or there are cases filed against them either here or in India.
first to create fear within the victim, when victim seems to be scared with such threats, the next step of the scamsters is to offer them two options either to deport back to India or pay the fees to the assistance of a lawyer.

Consulate’s Warning

An official from the Indian consulate in Dubai warned Indian expats against such scams.

“Some scamsters are calling people to cheat and they are demanding money from them. We have also received two complaints from Indian nationals regarding this,”

 said Prem Chand, consul (passport, attestation, community affairs and welfare).

The official clarified that no Indian authority will directly call any Indian national on pending cases against him/her.

“They would send the formal notice through proper official channels

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Large phone 449836 960 720
15 Jan 2018 News

Here's some great news for those of you who are in love with Japan "The land of rising sun".

Japan has introduced Visa relaxation norms for citizens of India seeking multiple-entry visas for short-term stays. It is not required for Indian citizens to submit the ‘Applicant’s Employment Certificate’ and ‘Explanation Letter stating the reason of applying for multiple-entry visa’. Applicant will only need their passport, a filled visa application and bank statement to prove financial capability. Frequent visitors or who have visited japan more than twice in past two years can issue multiple entry visa (valid for five years) by submitting only their passports and visa application forms.

11 Jan 2018 Updates

Expect Delays For UAE Entry Permit

This is to inform all due to heavy applications flows for UAE entry permit, immigration is facing IT issue due to which approvals have been (severely) delayed.
Hence, please make sure to process your applications in advance to avoid the last minute issue.

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10 Jan 2018 Updates

VFS New Office Address Update

This is to inform that from 15th January 2018 VFS Global will start its Visa Application Center for Switzerland, The Netherland, Belgium, Slovenia, Latvia, Malta, Finland and Portugal to the below mentioned address.


Urmi Axis Building, 2nd Floor,
Behind Famous Studio, Opp. E Moses Road,
Mumbai - 400011

We request you all to take note of the information accordingly.

9 Jan 2018 Updates

Turkey Visa Application Process on Hold due to Internal Reasons

According to mandate from The Consulate General of Turkey in Hyderabad and Mumbai, VFS Turkey Visa Application Center (Hyderabad & Mumbai) won't process the visa applications due to internal reasons until further notice.

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