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30 Jun 2018

UAE Offers 72 Hours Transit Visa to Indian Citizens

According to the TOI reports, the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to grant free transit visas during the first 48 hours for passenger traffic and this visa can be extended for up to 96 hours by paying AED 50 (approximately INR 930). )) Although the decision has been made, the date in which it will be implemented, let's say older than the Indian travel industry, is still awaited.

The United Arab Emirates is already the most significant international destination for Indian travellers. Almost a quarter of all foreign trips to and from India are made through mega-operators in the United Arab Emirates such as Emirates, flydubai and Etihad. Jet Airways, in which Etihad has a 24% stake, also serves as a feeder for long-haul flights from Etihad to Abu Dhabi. About 75% of people who fly to the Gulf are only in transit between India and the rest of the world. Therefore, the decision to grant free 48-hour transit visas is expected to further increase the number of visitors to the United Arab Emirates. The famous Dubai Duty-Free slogan, "Fly Buy Dubai", could soon be added to the word "visit".

Gulf nations strive to attract Indian travellers and are relaxing visa rules. The United Arab Emirates grants visa upon arrival to Indian citizens with a valid United States visa. Oman will also do the same for Indians who reside or have an entry visa to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and the Schengen States. Last August, Qatar had allowed Indians and citizens from 46 other countries to stay up to 60 days there without a prior visa.

Thumb uae transit visa

Uae transit visa
28 Jun 2018

Important Update: Portugal Embassy New Delhi

Applicants who submit their application in New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Kolkata are here informed that all short-term applications from June 22 until further notice will be processed by the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi. Applicants must submit an application only through the VFS Centers. Also, keep in mind that until the next update, visa categories such as Student, Family Reunification, Category D, Seasonal Work Permit in the above locations will not be accepted.

In any case, if you need an visa assistance? Please call on 020 49027000 or Mail us at

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Portugal embassy
25 Jun 2018

Alert: heavy rainfall might delay your visa

It is to inform all the applicants those who already applied for the visa to multiple countries from Mumbai location, due to the heavy rainfall since morning causing difficulties in submission and collection visa application, so be advised this might may delay in getting visas processed.

Sorry for the inconvenience and if you have any query related to your application, please contact us on 020 49027000 and mail us at

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Important update
15 Jun 2018

Holiday Notice: Chinese Consulate

Please note that the Chinese visa application center, Kolkata will remain closed on June 18, 2018, for the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival.
Please plan your journey accordingly to avoid inconvenience, if you need assistance do not hesitate to call us on +91 020 49027000.

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China news
7 Jun 2018

Holiday Notice: Indonesia Embassy

It is to bring to your kind attention that Indonesia Embassy will remain closed from 11 June 2018 to 20 June 2018 on the occasion of Eid which may lead to delay in processing of Visa. Please plan your visit to the embassy accordingly to avoid all the inconvenience and do not hesitate to call us on 020 49027000 /020 25550000 if you need any assistance regarding your Indonesia visa.

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