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18 Jul 2019

UAE to offer Visa-on-Arrival for Indian passport holders

Good news for the Indians residing in the UK or the European Union on a resident visa. They are now capable of applying for a visa-on-arrival for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The process from now on will be simple and expedite for family and friends visiting the UAE.
The news was reissued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai conveying a reminder to the residents of the UAE. According to the video uploaded by the GDRFA on their social networking sites this week, “Indian nationals holders of normal passports with the UK and European Union countries’ resident visa, can now avail entry permit or visa-on-arrival on all the entry points to the UAE. One condition that is to be taken care of is that the validity of the resident visa must not be less than six months.”
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In order to get this visa-on-arrival, Indian passengers need to approach the Marhaba Service Counter upon arrival. The fee for the initial entry permit will be Dh100 plus Dh20 as service tax. After the payment of the fee, the passenger can later move on to the passport control. The longest validity one can get on the entry permit is 14 days which can be extended by an additional 28 days by paying a renewal fee of Dh250 and Dh20 service tax.

Burj khalifa min
2 Jul 2019

India ranks second in issuing student visas for UK

Indian students are found all across the world excelling in almost every field. The UK has been one of the most preferred locations for pursuing education for the students in India. With about 21,500 student visa applications, India has become the second largest country to issue student visas for the UK. On number one is China and India is followed by the US securing the third rank.
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The statistics were provided by the Harry Booty, the regional communication manager at Visas and Immigration in UK Home Office. He also added that China is dominating with about 1,00,000 student visas and the US has approximately 15,000 Tier-4 student visas. “India has experienced a persistent rise in the number of student visa applications. The figure has doubled in the past three years,” he said. Among the Indians, most applications were received from Mumbai and Delhi, and state-wise, Telangana has produced the highest number of applicants.

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29 Jun 2019

Travel packages for Indian tourists: Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism is innovating by introducing tour packages for Indian travelers. Since more and more and more Indians are now traveling out of the country, Sri Lanka is trying to attract some to their island. About five new packages have been released for the Indian tourists by the country’s tourism department. Tourism dropped by about 70% than the year 2018. As per the sources, the number of tourists dropped from 2.3M in 2018 to 9.3K after the attacks in April 2019. The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Airlines have been collaborating with the local tour agencies to draft these new tour packages. These contain deals and discounted prices of about 30 to 60 percent for the tourist attractions in the country. Accommodation, air tickets, transportation, and other add-ons are also comprised in the packages. The number of flights has been increased to 123 per week from 12 major cities in India. Combinations for locations in Sri Lanka like Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara, Eliya, Sigiriya, and the South Coast have been introduced to be chosen from. These offers are valid from June 10 to September 30, 2019.

28 Jun 2019

No capping on H-1B visa quota; confirms Mike Pompeo

This news sure relieves the H-1B visa applicants. The approach towards localization of India’s data was affecting the North American enterprises like the Visa and MasterCard. As per the sources, the US was scheming to limit the number of H-1B visa candidates entering the country. However, the Secretary of the State, Mike Pompeo cleared the tension by overturning the hearsay, stating that there will be no capping on the H1-B visa quota. India is among the largest outsourcer of skilled tech workers. Limiting the quota was only going to hurt the American tech-giants. The dominance of US technology is, although partly, affected because of its popularity among the most proficient techies across the globe, mentioned India’s IT Trade Association Nasscom at the beginning of the wafting rumours. According to the statistics, there will be about 1.4M more jobs in software development in 2020 than the candidates who will apply for them. Also, by the year 2030, it is a possibility that the economy of the US could experience the backlash of $162 billion-worth (Rs 11 lakh crore) revenues per annum unless more software workers are employed.

23 Apr 2018

UK Super Priority Visa Services (SPV) Extends to Pune and Bangalore

Now UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) services on 19th April declared an addition of Super Priority Visa Service (SPV) to Pune and Bengaluru.

The decision will benefit most of the Indian applicants because UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) gives out a visa decision in 24 hours or less.

"Super Priority Visa applications are assessed to exactly the same high standard as all other applications but are handled by UKVI at the highest priority, with dedicated staff members processing cases at the front of the queue and an express courier service ensuring a quick return to the customer. This means that the 24-hour turnaround is achievable and secure," stated an official British High Commission release.

Source: “Business Standard”

Other than Pune and Bengaluru this specialized service would also be available in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

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Uk visa
12 Apr 2018

Renewal of work permit visa for Kuwait is getting tougher

Recently, Kuwait’s Public Authority for manpower has introduced a new regulation on the renewal of work permit in Kuwait and also enforced it on March 15th.
According to the new regulation that was circulated to almost all labour departments and companies a week ago, Indian engineers will not be able to renew their work visas until they attain a (NOC) No-Objection Certificate from (KSE) Kuwait Society of Engineers.

In order to obtain a NOC, the expat engineers must be graduated from the accredited college. While most of the engineering colleges and institutions are AICTE approved but in this case, Kuwait society of engineers only recognize universities and colleges those are accredited by (NBA) National Bureau of Accreditation. 

Thousands of Indian engineers may hit by this move as there are not many Indian institutions accredited by NBA. 

In any case, you need a visa assistance you can call us on 020 49027000 or mail us at

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Kuwait work permit
2 Apr 2018

Ministry Confirms PCC is mandatory for Indian job seekers in UAE

The announcement was made right after the rumors spread out that the requirement of PCC was waived off for certain nationalities, including Indians.

But, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirms the requirement of PCC, thus Indians looking to enter UAE for employment will require a good conduct certificate, also known as police clearance certificate (PCC).

Those who are planning to visit UAE on tourist or student visa, can visit UAE without having PCC. 

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Pcc manda
26 Feb 2018

Zimbabwe offers Visa on Arrival for Indian Tourists.

Did you know zimbabwe has world’s largest waterfall i.e Victoria Waterfalls ( Largest in terms of height and width), if you ever wanted to see it, the time is now.

Because visiting Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has becomes much easier for Indian tourists, how?
The government of Zimbabwe recently announced a revised visa application requirements which will see citizens from 28 countries receive visas on arrival and Indian passport holders falls under that list.

The government official has said “the changes are with immediate effect”.

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Visa on arrival for indians
14 Feb 2018

Getting an Uzbek Visa is Now Easier

From 10th Feb, It will be easier for Indians to visit Uzbekistan. How? The country has relaxed its visa process for 39 countries, including India, New Zealand, Canada and the US. Now you can visit Uzbekistan without having an invitation letter, at the same time the visa processing time has been cut short from five days to two days only. There’s more good news for travelers: the country had announced e-visas starting 2021, but has graciously brought that ahead to 2018, And so, starting July this year, you can expect to apply for Uzbekistan visa online.

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5 Feb 2018

Japan Regime to Attract Global Entrepreneur by Offering Startup Visa

Tokyo - To make Japan more competitive and desirable country amongst others, Japan has set a target of foreign direct investment of 35$ million by 2020, to achieve such goal GOJ (Government of Japan) took important initiative to provide startup visa for Entrepreneurs. Earlier if one has to start the business then he had to register a company there. But to register a company, one needs to obtain a business manager visa and take up residence.

To make it more easier, a startup visa program was made available to those who wants to set up a small business in the Tokyo. This visa gave entrepreneurs six months, to set up their business and could be renewed if just one or two conditions were met: which includes ¥5 million was invested in the company or two full-time employees were hired.

“We know that innovative small and medium-sized enterprises—including startups—have the potential to infuse energy and innovative solutions into the economy,” said ACCJ Venture Company Task Force 

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Japan entrepenuers visa
29 Jan 2018

CKGS opens Morocco Visa Application and Information Centres in India

Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) has recently announced the opening of (MVAIC) Morocco visa application centers in major cities of india.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco has decided to outsource the visa application services and has authorize cox and kings global services to process visa applications on behalf of  Morocco Embassy.

The CKGS will open centers in two phases, In the first phase, centres have opened in the four metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. 

It is expected that In the second phase, the centres will be opened in Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, Indore, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Jaipur. 

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24 Jan 2018

UAE Launches App for Indians: For Hassle free Job Visa

The UAE consulate in New Delhi launched a smartphone app for Indians on Tuesday focused at providing travel advice and consular services to Emiratis visiting India as well as Indian nationals residing in UAE or considering moving to the UAE.

The app is featuring complete medical check-up and police verification in their home country before arriving in the UAE,

This can be completed at the touch of a smartphone button. It will even instruct on the documents required for visa application and police verification processes to be followed before applying for the employment visa in the UAE.

"The app is dedicated to providing information and the information actually serves both UAE nationals visiting India and also Indians trying to gather information to visit the UAE and also those going to work in the UAE."

Source- Khaleej Times

The app is available on both the platforms iOS and Android. Moreover, the app is design with a map providing information about key destinations and points along with proper guidance, which will not only help process and resolve issues but also provides address and coordinates to locations of the Embassy in New Delhi.

UAE currently has three visa centres in India  Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi and the one in Delhi alone issued about 50,000 work visas last year. A total number  of 1.6 million Indians visited the UAE last year by reports.

It is beneficial for UAE Nationals as well as Indians. It provides services like escort treatment for medical cases, financial matters emergencies, help in the case of loss of passport for the UAE nationals. For indian Nationals, the app provides visa and attestation information to apply for employment in UAE.

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Uae app
16 Jan 2018

Indian Expats Warned of ‘Dubai Immigration Scam’.

An official of Indian Consulate warned Indian immigrants right after Gulf news alerted the mission about various cases where several Indians have been duped in the new phone scam.

Indian expats have been duped of thousands of dirhams in the scam, where scammers call them from the number of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.
A news investigation found that the scamesters have been faking the landline number of GDRFA call centre number i.e 043139999 or another toll-free number 8005111 that appears on the victims’ phones as +971800511.

Modus operandi behind this scam is to extort money from the immigrants,stating that they have either not filed the landing form or there are cases filed against them either here or in India.
first to create fear within the victim, when victim seems to be scared with such threats, the next step of the scamsters is to offer them two options either to deport back to India or pay the fees to the assistance of a lawyer.

Consulate’s Warning

An official from the Indian consulate in Dubai warned Indian expats against such scams.

“Some scamsters are calling people to cheat and they are demanding money from them. We have also received two complaints from Indian nationals regarding this,”

 said Prem Chand, consul (passport, attestation, community affairs and welfare).

The official clarified that no Indian authority will directly call any Indian national on pending cases against him/her.

“They would send the formal notice through proper official channels

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Phone 449836 960 720
15 Jan 2018

Here's some great news for those of you who are in love with Japan "The land of rising sun".

Japan has introduced Visa relaxation norms for citizens of India seeking multiple-entry visas for short-term stays. It is not required for Indian citizens to submit the ‘Applicant’s Employment Certificate’ and ‘Explanation Letter stating the reason of applying for multiple-entry visa’. Applicant will only need their passport, a filled visa application and bank statement to prove financial capability. Frequent visitors or who have visited japan more than twice in past two years can issue multiple entry visa (valid for five years) by submitting only their passports and visa application forms.

5 Dec 2017

Egypt consulate closed 21st December 2017 to 1st January 2018

Egypt consulate will remain closed from 21st December 2017 to 1st January 2018.
So, kindly plan your tickets accordingly in order to avoid inconvenience.

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1 Dec 2017

Australian Transit Visa requirement, URGENT REMINDER!

We would like to inform you, Australia transit Visa is mandatory for all the traveller travelling to any third country via Australia. As Airlines/Immigration can also deny boarding due to the absence of Australian Transit Visa.Example - If passenger travelling to New Zealand transiting Australia, a transit visa is mandatory.

Hence, the passenger is requested to take all the relevant documents informed by the transit visa department in order to avoid inconvenience.

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Opera house sydney
30 Nov 2017

Malaysia Consulate Mumbai will closed from 1st - 3rd Dec 2017

Malaysia Consulate Mumbai will remain closed from 1st December 2017 to 3rd December 2017.
So kindly plan your tickets accordingly in order to avoid the inconvenience.
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Malaysian flag
15 Nov 2017

Appointment mandatory for Australia Visa Submission

Indian nationals will have to schedule an appointment with nearest VFS centre for Australia visa application submission. This rule will be enforced from 13th Nov 2017.

This sudden change of rule might affect the process of visa submissions.

3 Oct 2017

BTW E-Visa - Introducing Quick and Easy Online Visa Processing

We at BTW Visa Services know how critical and tiring is the visa documentation process. We have thrived to give the best visa processing experience to our customers. 
Taking one more step towards the vision of hassle free experiences BTW Visa Services has introduced online E-Visa. Login to BTW's E-Visa system to experience fast and easy visa process.
The E-Visa system has been designed in a way wherein travelers will get their visa in few simple steps in just providing some information and basic documentation. Indians can apply for an E-Visa to 19 countries - 
Which one is on your wishlist??
Login now to to apply for your your favorite destination..
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Img 20170930 wa0075  1
25 Sep 2017

BTW Visa Services-Introducing Call Support System

To provide more hassle free and personalized services to our customers, BTW Visa Services has introduced Call Support System from 07 AM to 10 PM daily including weekends and public holidays.
The customers can reach us  at 02049027000 for consultation or any emergency.  
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Btw logo final 02
25 Sep 2017

Canada visa processing time increased to 34 working days

The Canada visitors visa processing (Tourist/Business/Family Visit) will now take 34 working days from the date of submission.
Recently the Canada visa processing has become time consuming, the processing time earlier was 24 working days.
Travelers are suggested to not book confirmed air tickets prior the visa approval.
Thumb canada immigration

Canada immigration
13 Sep 2017

BTW Visa Services Head Office open 365 days

BTW Visa Services has always believed and thrived to give their customers best in class service for all their travel needs.
To provide more hassle free experiences to our customer our head office will now be open for all the year round, including weekends and public holidays.
Customers can visit us at  33/15, Prashant Bunglow,Opp Garware College, Karve Road, Pune 411004. or call us on 020-49027000 for quick consultation.
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Btw   office  2
8 Sep 2017

Indians Tourist Deported from Georgian Immigration

Large number of Indian Tourist holding a valid Georgian E-Visa are deported from the immigration without any specific reasons.
Travelers are highly recommended to opt for the offline stamp visa (to be applied at the Embassy with hard copy documents) for a hassle free travel experience.
 Read More at:

2 Sep 2017

New Zealand Visa Fees Revised w.e.f. 04th Sept 2017

The fees for New Zealand Visa will be revised w.e.f. 04th Sept 2017.
The regular TT Services charges will be applicable above the visa fees.

28 Aug 2017

End of Thailand Visa Fee Exemption

W.E.F.  01st Sept 2017 nationals of all countries travelling to Thailand are to comply with the followings - 
  • When applying for the visa will have to pay visa fees of INR 2000/- per person 
  • When opting for On Arrival Visa will have to pay fees of 2000 Thai Bahts per person 
The visa fee exemption scheme and the temporary Visa on Arrival Fee reduction scheme is valid till 31st Aug 2017.

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