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5 Feb 2018

Japan Regime to Attract Global Entrepreneur by Offering Startup Visa

Tokyo - To make Japan more competitive and desirable country amongst others, Japan has set a target of foreign direct investment of 35$ million by 2020, to achieve such goal GOJ (Government of Japan) took important initiative to provide startup visa for Entrepreneurs. Earlier if one has to start the business then he had to register a company there. But to register a company, one needs to obtain a business manager visa and take up residence.

To make it more easier, a startup visa program was made available to those who wants to set up a small business in the Tokyo. This visa gave entrepreneurs six months, to set up their business and could be renewed if just one or two conditions were met: which includes ¥5 million was invested in the company or two full-time employees were hired.

“We know that innovative small and medium-sized enterprises—including startups—have the potential to infuse energy and innovative solutions into the economy,” said ACCJ Venture Company Task Force 

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Japan entrepenuers visa
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