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19 Apr 2018

Holiday Notice: Malaysia Embassy

All the applicants applying for Malaysia visa or Evisa, be informed due to the coming conjunction with the holiday season. The Malaysia High Commission/Consulate General/Embassy of Malaysia will remain closed on the following dates

29th April 2018 - Wesak Day (Mumbai)
30th April 2018 - Wesak Day (New Delhi)
1st May 2018 - Malaysia Labour Day (Mumbai & Chennai)

All approval and issuance of eVISA will resume the next day after these closures. Please plan your travel to Malaysia accordingly.  

Thumb malaysia embassy

Malaysia embassy
16 Feb 2018

Malaysia Embassy: Holiday Notice

It is to bring to your notice that the Embassy of Malaysia will remain closed on the following dates.

16th & 17th February 2018 - Chinese New Year.
19th February 2018 - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Mumbai) 

Therefore, all approval and issuance of eVISA will resume after these closures. To avoid the inconvenience plan your travel accordingly.

Thumb malaysia

12 Dec 2017

Malaysia eNTRI visa for 15 Days! Important Note

If you are applying for Malaysia Visa, there are two online way where an applicant can apply through i.e; evisa and eNTRI visa.

Kindly note if you want to apply for eNTRI visa, the applicant has to apply at least 48 hours before the departure to Malaysia and is valid for a single journey to Malaysia for 15 days tourism purposes only and is valid for 3 months.

If your eNTRI visa is rejected applicant is not eligible to re-apply, once the cooling period of 3 months is over. Hence, you may apply e-visa as an alternate way.

Note: the evisa/ eNTRI visa fee is not refundable.

Thumb kuala lumpur malaysia

Kuala lumpur malaysia
30 Nov 2017

Malaysia Consulate Mumbai will closed from 1st - 3rd Dec 2017

Malaysia Consulate Mumbai will remain closed from 1st December 2017 to 3rd December 2017.
So kindly plan your tickets accordingly in order to avoid the inconvenience.
Thumb malaysian flag

Malaysian flag
28 Aug 2017

Malaysia Online Visas - System Maintenance Aug 2017

The online Malaysia visa system will be under maintenance which will delay the processing and issuance of Malaysia eNTRI and eVISA for the next few days. For urgent scheduled travel, applicants are suggested to opt for the offline visa processing.

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