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31 Jan 2018 Updates

“OK To Board” is Required or Not Required - Indigo Airlines

Travelers flying to UAE ( Dubai or Sharjah ). It is to inform, from 1st February 2018 “OK To Board” message is not required for the following categories of travelers:

- Travelers holding valid Resident Permit or passport stamped with Resident Visa
- Travelers eligible for “Visa On Arrival” irrespective of nationality
- Travelers carrying a print-out of Business and Tourist e-Visa

Below are the categories of travelers, for which the “Ok to Board” message is Mandatory.

- All passengers of respective airlines holding ECR (Immigration Check Required) passport.
- All passengers of respective airlines carrying a print-out of Labour & Work e-visa.

Please Note*  “OK To Board” continues to be mandatory for all customers travelling to Muscat.

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