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15 Jan 2018

Here's some great news for those of you who are in love with Japan "The land of rising sun".

Japan has introduced Visa relaxation norms for citizens of India seeking multiple-entry visas for short-term stays. It is not required for Indian citizens to submit the ‘Applicant’s Employment Certificate’ and ‘Explanation Letter stating the reason of applying for multiple-entry visa’. Applicant will only need their passport, a filled visa application and bank statement to prove financial capability. Frequent visitors or who have visited japan more than twice in past two years can issue multiple entry visa (valid for five years) by submitting only their passports and visa application forms.

3 Jan 2018

Unrest Situation in Maharashtra, delay in visa processing is expected

This is to bring to your notice that due to unrest situation in Maharashtra (Maharashtra being closed), delays may also occur in submission and the collection of visa applications.

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